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Product Index

Below is an alphabetical listing of the various types of products that we represent.  For more info, please click on the name of the product.

Automatic Sieves Robot Coupe
Back Bar Coolers Beverage Air
Bagel Dividers Gemini
Bagel Formers Gemini
Bar Mobiles Beverage Air
Beer Keg Storage Shelving Cooler Concepts
Blast Chillers Beverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Blixers Robot Coupe
Braising Pans Southbend
Bread Molders Gemini
Bread Slicers Gemini
Broilers, Infra-red type Southbend
Broilers, Radiant type Southbend
Broilers, Upright Southbend
Cafeteria Decor Visions
Charbroilers, Countertop Southbend
Cheese Melters Southbend
Chef Bases, Refrigerated Beverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Chef Counters, Custom LTI
Cold Food Pans, Drop-In LTI
Combi Ovens Rational
Convection Ovens Southbend
Conveyors, Dish & Tray LTI
Conveyors, Tray Make-Up LTI
Cook & Hold Cabinets Winston
Coolers & Freezers, Walk-In Arctic Industries
Countertop Cooking Equipment Southbend
Custom Fabrication


Deck Ovens Gemini
Depositors, Batter (Cake & Muffin) Gemini
Depositors, Dough Gemini
Digital Menu & Messaging Systems LTI
Direct Draw Beer Dispensers Beverage Air
Dish Tables, Custom LTI
Display Cases (Bakery, Deli, Gelato, Chocolates, etc.) Oscartek
Display Cases, Wine Enofrigo, Victory
Display Refrigerators, Glass Door Victory
Dividers, Dough Gemini
Dough Dividers Gemini
Dough Divider-Rounders Gemini
Dough Presses Gemini
Dough Proofer/Retarders Gemini
Dough Rounders Gemini
Dough Sheeters Gemini (Rondo)
Drawers, Food Warming Winston
Employee Lockers Winholt
Equipment Temperature Monitoring Systems JRI
Filters, Shortening Winston
Food Holding Bins Winston
Food Prep Tables, Refrigerated Beverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Food Processors Robot Coupe
Food Warming Drawers Winston
Freezers, Reach-In, Pass-Thru & Roll-In      Victory
Freezers, Undercounter Victory
Fryers, Open Southbend, Winston
Fryers, Pressure Winston
Fryer Filtration Systems Winston
Glass Door Merchandisers Beverage Air
Glass Frosters Beverage Air
Griddles, Countertop Southbend
Griddle Stand Refrigerators Beverage Air, Victory
Hand Mixers Robot Coupe
Holding Bins, Hot Food Winston
Holding Cabinets, Mobile Winston
Hot Food Wells, Drop-In LTI
Hot Plates, Countertop (Gas) Southbend
Ice Cream Cases, Drop-In LTI
Ice Cream Display Cabinets, Glass Door Beverage Air
Juicers, Fruit & Vegetable Robot Coupe
Kiosks, Mobile Food Service LTI
Lockers, Personnel Winholt
Menu Display Systems LTI
Merchandisers, Glass Door Beverage Air
Merchandisers, Open Air Beverage Air
Milk Boxes Beverage Air, Colorpoint
Mixers, Spiral Gemini
Mobile Carts & Kiosks LTI
Oil Filtration Systems, Portable Winston
Open Burner Cooktops, Countertop Southbend
Ovens, Convection Southbend
Ovens, Deck Gemini
Ovens, Revolving Rack Gemini (Sveba Dahlen) 
Oyster Cookers Southbend
Pasta Cookers Southbend
Pastry Sheeters Gemini (Rondo)
Personnel Lockers Winholt
Pizza Prep Tables, Refrigerated Beverage Air, Desmon, Victory
Pot Sinks, Custom Fabricated LTI
Pressure Fryers Winston
Proofers, Reach-in and Roll-In Gemini
Proofer Retarders Gemini
Proofing Cabinets, Mobile Winston
Rack Ovens Gemini
Ranges, Heavy Duty Sectional Southbend
Ranges, Restaurant Series Southbend
Reach-In Freezers Victory
Reach-In Refrigerators Victory
Refrigerators, Display Victory
Refrigerators, Reach-In, Roll-In & Pass-Thru           Victory
Refrigerators, Undercounter Victory
Rethermalizing Cabinets Winston
Rounders, Dough Gemini (Erika Record)
Salad Top Refrigerators Victory 
Salamander Broilers, Infra-red & Radiant Southbend 
Sandwich Top Refrigerators Beverage Air, Victory 
Serving Counters, Custom LTI 
Serving Counters, Fiberglass Body Bases Colorpoint 
Sheeters, Dough  Gemini (Rondo) 
Shelving, Beer Keg Storage Cooler Concepts
Shelving, Cantilevered Winholt
Shortening Filters Winston
Sieves, Automatic Robot Coupe
Slicers, Bread Gemini 
Spiral Mixers Gemini 
Steam Kettles Southbend 
Steamers, Convection, Boiler Base Southbend
Steamers, Convection, Countertop Southbend
Stick Blenders Robot Coupe
Temperature Monitoring Systems (for Equipment) JRI
Thermalizer Ovens Winston
Tilting Skillets Southbend
Tray Carts Winholt
Tray Dispensers Colorpoint
Undercounter Freezers Victory
Undercounter Refrigerators Victory
Universal (Hot-Cold-Freeze) Food Wells, Drop-In            LTI
Utility Carts Winholt
Vacuum Packaging Systems Henkelman
Vertical Cutter-Mixers Robot Coupe
Walk-In Coolers & Freezers Arctic Industries
Walk-In Coolers, Portable Beverage Air
Warming Cabinets, Mobile Winston 
Warming Cabinets, Reach-In, Roll-In & Pass-Thru Victory
Water Treatment Systems Terry
Wine Display Refrigerators Enofrigo, Victory
Work Tables, Custom LTI
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